Hi I’m Jesse Pender, The Portland 2015 07 08 07.44.57 AboutTradesman. Welcome to my blogabout the built world. Much of the building related info on this site comes from a lot of years in the Design/Build remodeling industry.I also  had the pleasure of working with the very talented artist and woodworker Anne Shutan when I lived in Boulder Colorado.



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Me and my parents. Age 5.

My interest in Green Building  as well as my general “design for the environment and people” mentality comes largely from growing up in the mountains with a bunch of Hippies in an off the grid Cordwood cabin that was literally made of “Earth and Wood”. Just like the song,

Now as the title of my blog suggests I live in Portland Oregon. You can find out more about me and my other projects on my personal page jessepender.com Thanks for stoping by!