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The idea is to keep developing plans for common use items that can be built using common materials. I think people should have access to well designed products whether or not they have the money to purchase expensive products. 

Here’s are some initial examples of the type of models that will continue to be added:


Mobi Workstation

Mobi page featured image 2 BuildThe mobi workstation is a mobil modular workstation find out more

Project stage: The above designs are complete and the workstation shown on the right has been built.


Open Source Tiny Home

Open Source Mini House 3 panel Build

Project Stage: Concept Plans In Progress

This is a model of a Tiny home on a 20′ X 8.5′ Trailer with built-in furnishings including a bed that raises to the ceiling to create more floor space when it’s not being used.  Mini Home 3D Model

Detached Bedroom with modular furnishings 

Tiny Structure header photo Build

This detached bedroom space is meant to help increase population density in a resource efficient way.  Find out more.

Progress stage: the build plans are complete and the prototype structure is currently being built.


Job Ops flexible work stations: Saw Table

Job ops table 2 Build

Project stage: A prototype has been built and is functional but I feel the design could be further improved upon.

Job Ops is a collection of job site workstations that break down into a compact arrangement so they can be transported easily while providing the accuracy and capability of a shop based setup. Job Ops Saw Table 3D Model 

DIY Storage Bed with middle drawer:

Untitled 300x71 Build

Project stage: Concept Plans complete

This bed has side drawers and one large center drawer. This design requires room at the foot of the bed for the center drawer to extend.  I’ll be posting another design soon where the drawers are all accessed from the sides.  for configurations where there is limited room at the foot of the bed. You can follow this link to download the Sketchup Model for this bed: Storage Bed 3D Model

DIY Storage Bed Platform with side access only:

Side Storage Bed Build

Project stage: This design has been completed and Built

Storage bed with side access drawers. You can follow this link to download the Sketchup Model for this bed: Storage Bed 3D Model

updated: 6-15-16