Open Source Mini House 3 panel

Open Source Tiny Home

This is a model of a Tiny home on a 20? X 8.5? deck-over trailer (meaning theres a flat deck over the wheels with no need for wheel wells) For the purposes of building a tiny home a deck-over trailer allows for more options in terms of floor space without wheel wells to work around. It also means that the deck is higher so you have less interior space before height restrictions become a problem. On the project that this model was originally being designed for the deck-over trailer height would have corresponded with a deck could be built between the tiny home and the house that it would have been parked at. The plan is to develop a model that’s intended for a lower trailer with wheel wells also.

Why free Tiny home plans?

The project that the tiny home was originally being designed for didn’t end up happening but I felt the design included a lot of elements that may have appeal in other settings. Being that I have a hard time watching things go to waste I decided to put the plans online so that others could use them. Beyond that I think that tiny homes offer an option that’s better than the other options that are available to many people so I want the designs to be available to anyone who wants or needs them.  The plan is to continue to develop the designs and create several shapes for the shell and have a library of component designs  that will fit the tiny home models to create a range of flexible configurations.

Big plans for the tiny future!

Build plans: At this point what’s available is a basic sketchup model with kinks to work out. The plan is to iron out the details and create detailed build plans. If you have input that you would like to be considered in future plans please let me know. You’re free to use this model as a starting point for your own design. I you do I would love to see what you come up with.

Tiny home resource page: I’m in the process assembling a tiny home resource page. If you have info that you think should be included please let me know. Also if there’s tiny home information that you’re trying to find and can’t let me know that too.

Test Builders: If you’re interested in building a tiny home based on my design let me know. I would be happy to consult with you if you’re willing to provide feedback about the build process. I’ll be offering this to a few people ideally these people will be in the Portland area  but not necessary.  If you would like to be considered as a test builder send me a message with some info about yourself and project.

Currently the model is only available to Skethup users and can be found in the Sletchup 3D Warehouse click the link to be taken to the download page: Mini Home 3D Model