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Mobi Workstation

This is a mobile workstation that I designed for my home recording setup. It’s designed to contain all of the equipment that I use regularly at home but in a mobile form.  This workstation is much more space efficient than my previous recording set up so it has improved my living space and makes it much more possible for me to take my equipment with me to record performances or jam sessions.

The top of the box portion is meant to be a standing height work surface. The top of the upper box has a 1 1/2 inch lip on the front and the bottom drawer is set in 2 inches to allow toe room to work comfortably while standing.

Mobi Workstation Seperate boxs 3 Mobi Workstation

The Standing height work surface it composed of 3 boxes that separate so that they can be moved easily and so that they can be used  in different configurations

Real Mobi modular workstation Mobi Workstation

This is my Mobi Workstation in use. My latest addition was putting a guitar hook on each side.

Mobi Before After Mobi Workstation

One Great thing about the Moby design is that it’s made of small pieces that are likely to be able to be made out of scrap. All of the wood for my Mobi was reclaimed wood.

You can download the 3D model: Mobi Download Page