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ReUse Desk

desk before front 300x225 ReUse Desk

This is how my office looked before.

After Front 300x225 ReUse Desk

I combined the table and small chest of drawers that I was using for a desk with some plywood 2x4s and paint I had in the the garage to make this.

After Angle 300x225 ReUse Desk 

I also use the room for recording music sometimes so I put the desk on castors so the room configuration can be changed easily depending on what the space is being used for. The platform below makes it so my trash and recycling cans move with the desk.

2013 07 24 11.54.00 300x225 ReUse Desk

I secured my power strip and cords to the underside. Anything that I may want to reconfigure is held by rubber bands hooked over screws. The rubber bands allow me to keep the cords coiled up but I can easily pull more more slack up through the top of the desk if I need.

Desk BeforeAfter 300x300 ReUse Desk

Notice my computer speakers are also mounted to the under side of the desk in the corners.

As with many reuse projects I’m happier with the outcome than I would be with anything I can buy.  It’s built around what works for me and has a story to it. I find that I change the configuration of the room more than I thought I would for all kinds of reasons, sometimes just to break up the monotony of a project.  Also I like unique designs and I know there’s not another desk like this one out there.