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Food stains your clothes what about wood?

Recently there was a massive turmeric powder spill in my kitchen. If you’ve ever cooked with turmeric you will be aware of it’s ability to turn anything yellow. Not wanting to waste the spilled turmeric I decided I would try it out as a wood stain. For my first attempt I kept it simple and just mixed the powder with some water and applied it to a piece of structural grade plywood that I had in the garage and let it dry. Next I decided to apply some oil to part of the wood to see how that affected the appearance. In keeping with the rest of the project and given the fact that the project was carried out in my kitchen I opted to use Olive Oil to coat the wood. In general oil will bring out the richness of the wood. Note: I have no previous knowledge of Olive Oil having superior characteristics for wood, also it’s expensive for the purpose. It was just more fun to extend the food grade building materials experiment then it would have been to go with a more traditional choice.

Turmeric works! How about Wine?

Since I was already mucking around in the kitchen I decided I may as well try wine on the other side. Similar to the Tumeric I applied the wine with a rag let it dry then oiled part of the wood to compare the results.

2014 03 17 11.53.34 225x300 Food stains your clothes what about wood? Turmeric stained plywood. The darker portion also has a coat of oil.

2014 03 018 225x300 Food stains your clothes what about wood? Wine stained plywood. The darker portion also has a coat of oil.

After applying the stain I applied a water based polyurethane. So far everything has worked out well and there haven’t been any problems with the combination of materials. In working with nonstandard materials there’s always the chance that the chemical makeup of the materials will be incompatible. problems with incompatibility in materials will usually present themselves right away but sometimes finishes will degrade or lose adhesion over time due to chemical incompatibility.  I’ll continue to monitor my sample and post updates if anything changes.

Have you made use of non-construction materials in your finishes? If so let me know!