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Any positive change in the way we build things starts with the way we think about the things we build. The design thinking that I’m most interested in advancing at this point is presented below.


Open Source building technology and design:

I currently have a plan on line for a for a tiny home that I’m making available to anyone here: Open Source Tiny Home I have a second tiny home plan that will be online soon as well as plans for modular, builder friendly workstations and modular space efficient furniture. Some of these can be found on the Build page and some have not been posted yet but my plans are to continue to design things that are dIY friendly and shared freely.



Reclamation Administration  – ReUse resources and articles.

Jetson Green – Environmentally friendly building practices and technologies

*** This site is a work in progress I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to get by in this ridiculously complex world that we’ve created. When I have time I add things to this website. I have a lot more designs and content but preparing it to be posted takes time and it’s only me doing this. check back for updates. -Jesse 4-12-16***