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Tiny Structures: Detached bedroom

Detached Bedrooms offer an efficient and affordable way to increase population density which is a thing that Portland is scrambling to figure out how to do as we’re faced with a influx of new residents. A detached bedroom offers a housing solution for those that want or need to live with others but also want a private space. This model is of a structure that is being built to add additional dwelling space to one of Portland’s many community homes.

The interior modular furnishings shown in the images below are meant to offer flexibility to allow for many configurations of the space. The configurations shown bellow all use the same components arranged in different ways. All of the interior components are based off of the Mobi Workstation concept.

You can currently download the plans for the Mobi Workstation. Soon I’ll be adding the plans for the additional Mobi modular components as well as detailed framing plans for the Detached bedroom ┬áspace. If you want these plans before I get around to posting them send me a message through the contact page.

Updated 6-15-2016

Detatched bedroom 1 Tiny Structures: Detached bedroom

Configuration 1. prioritises individual work space and storage access.

Detatched bedroom 2 Tiny Structures: Detached bedroom

Configuration 2 prioritises seating area for guests.

Detatched bedroom 3 Tiny Structures: Detached bedroom

Configuration 3 prioritizises maximum use of the floor space. In this configuration some of the boxes in the corner end up being inaccessible but a lot of the storage is sill accessible while allowing space for projects, dance, yoga, martial arts practice etc.